Saving Time & Resources: AppointLink’s Grading Power Tool Reshapes Academic Grading

Cardozo School of Law embraced the implementation of our Grading Power Tool and turned grading challenges into opportunities.

Grading processes at law and business universities have long been a chore for students, professors, and administrators. The time-consuming and often manual nature of grading tasks has led to widespread inefficiencies and frustrations. At AppointLink, we understand these challenges and have developed a groundbreaking Grading Power Tool that revolutionizes these processes through digitization and automation, ultimately saving valuable time and resources for educational institutions.

During the 2023 AACRAO Annual Meeting, we had the opportunity to connect with Registrars from across the country who shared their pain points when it comes to grading and other academic processes. In response, we presented a compelling case study that highlights the profound impact our Grading Power Tool is having on higher education. We showcased the success story of Cardozo School of Law, where our Grading tool not only improved the grading experience for their Registrar team but also led to substantial savings in labor hours.

We invite you to delve into the full case study below, which highlights the transformative effect of AppointLink’s Grading Power Tool at Cardozo School of Law. It showcases how the tool eliminated all the nuances and complexities of manual grading and streamlined it into a seamless and efficient experience. Witness how AppointLink’s Grading Power Tool not only saved valuable time and resources for Registrar staff, but also significantly improved the grading experience for students and faculty.

The AppointLink Grading Tool Has Revolutionized The Grading Process At Cardozo Law School.


Cardozo School of Law encountered a seemingly unsolvable challenge with its end-of-semester grading process. The Registrar’s Office was tasked with the responsibility of collecting final grades for every student, a crucial administrative task that added significant stress to the staff’s regular duties and priorities.

The cumbersome grade collection process involved corresponding with every instructor multiple times for each course taught, collecting anonymous raw grades by student exam ID, then manually converting the student exam ID to student name for final grade adjustments, all while ensuring final grades met mean and grade distribution requirements.

This back-and-forth correspondence required a dedicated team of three individuals in the Registrar’s Office to work exclusively on grading, resulting in approximately 225 hours of administrative work over a three-week period. Cardozo was eager to streamline their grading process and determined technology was the right solution.


After seeing a demonstration of how Appointlink’s grading tool could automate Cardozo’s entire grading process, Cardozo decided it was time to implement it. The implementation of the tool was swift and smooth, and the entire staff acclimated to the new process by the start of the next grading period.

Today, automated notifications are sent out to instructors when it’s time to grade. Instructors start by inputting their initial grades for each course by student exam ID. Once all initial grades have been submitted, student names are revealed, and instructors make final grade adjustments based on grading policy mean and grade distribution requirements. The tool’s automated real-time conformity checking guarantees that instructors comply with the school’s grading policies and offers an option to request an exemption should there be a need. Grading files are automatically generated for SIS import upon final approval. The days of manually running conformity calculations in spreadsheets and tracking down instructors for grades are now a thing of the past.


The AppointLink grading tool has revolutionized the grading process at Cardozo Law School, earning overwhelmingly positive feedback from its Registrar’s Office.

The once laborious process, which took a collective 225 hours for a three-person staff to complete, now takes less than 16 hours, resulting in a more than 92-percent reduction in grading time during the critical three-week period between the end of finals and the deadline for submitting students’ final grades.

The tool has eliminated all the nuances and complexities of the manual grading process. Registrar staff no longer need to work long hours or miss important events to ensure that grading is handled correctly. With the new tool, grading is now a straightforward, streamlined, and less stressful process. Instructors can grade as soon as they want, and Registrar staff can once again focus on other important administrative tasks key to student and institutional success.

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