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Keeping students engaged and avoiding the little annoyances that may cause frustration is a primary goal of institutions everywhere.

Check out our products in our Student Affairs Toolkit to help relieve stresses that students face on their academic journey.


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Communications Portal

Managing multiple channels of communication between faculty and students can be overwhelming. With our communications portal, you can centralize this process to one convenient location.

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Classroom Management

Seating charts and tent/flash cards can be created through Classroom Management. The system also greatly improves student engagement and accountability.

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Social Distancing

Easily create customized socially distanced classroom layouts and publish to students showing them available seats and proper traffic flow. Easily generate contact tracing reports.

icon attendance and class participation

Attendance and Class Participation

Designed to allow for student self-seating and participation tracking, this application can act as an early intervention indicator for academic success.

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Student Directories and Profiles

Allows faculty to easily create student organization directories, complete with name recording and pronoun/preferred name indicators.

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Student Engagement

Designed to determine which activities support, undermine or have no effect on student success.

icon write-on competition

Write-On Competition

Ease of material distribution, submission judging and acceptance notification are all key features.

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Exam Scheduling

Easily schedule exams and account for room capacity, accommodations, deferrals, and policies.

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Take Home Exams

Effectively manage both in-class and take-home exams through this application.

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Grading centralizes the submission, curve compliance, approvals and upload of grades.