AppointLink Integrations & Partnerships

Access AppointLink applications directly through Canvas course sites.

  • Use Canvas enrollment, student, course, and, and faculty data
  • Ensure integration to Canvas subsites
  • Leverage LTI and API integration capabilities

Run exam submissions and assignments through Turnitin’s plagiarism checker.

  • Submit and view exam similarity reports directly through our Take Home Exams application
  • Submit and view course assignments directly through our MyLaw LMS
  • Requires separate Turnitin license

Launch Zoom directly from seatGEN and MyLaw.

  • Simplify access to Zoom links for both students and faculty
  • Simple setup
  • Integrate with either seatGEN or MyLaw or both

Integrate Poll Everywhere polls with AppointLink apps

  • Simplify access to polls for students and faculty
  • Launch directly from MyLaw LMS course sites
  • Simple setup

Already have a NameCoach license? Pull the data into AppointLink apps for easy access by faculty, students, and staff.

  • Import student name recordings, preferred names, and pronouns
  • Access student information from seatGEN course pages
  • Easy to implement

Access video and other media files currently stored Kaltura through our applications.

  • Integrates with MyLaw LMS course sites
  • Simplifies access for students and faculty
  • Reduces user frustration

Other Integrations

  • Banner, Ellucian, PeopleSoft
  • Blackboard, Sakai, D2L Brightspace
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Exam4
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Shibboleth

If you’d like to learn more how AppointLink can help you with integrations let’s set up a meeting!

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