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Appointlink’s Exam Scheduler simplifies the process of creating, validating and sharing exam schedules. Through this innovative, intuitive application, Registrars and Disability Services Staff can leverage data about class size, class schedule, room availability, room capacity, disability accommodations, unique exam rules, policies and deferral requirements. Using this information, the application will automatically build out a personalized exam schedule for all students.

Through optional add-on features, Exam Scheduling allows for users to define seat plans and allocate seats for students manually or automatically. Users can also access centralized collection of supporting documentation for student accommodations. Scheduling proctors and providing them with critical information has never been easier.


  • Quickly build new schedules with data from sources such as Banner, Canvas, Excel, etc.
  • Automatically identify and resolve a variety of exam scheduling conflicts
  • Track individual student needs and automatically gather acknowledgements related to accommodations, emergency scheduling changes, deferrals, etc.
  • Share schedule information, changes, and updates with students, faculty, staff, and proctors automatically
  • Easily connect with other systems such as Canvas, Exam4, AppointLink’s Blind Grading solution

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Is the Exam Scheduling tool compatible with LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Workday, Colleague, etc.)/SIS systems (Banner, PeopleSoft, etc.)?2023-06-08T16:39:09-05:00

Yes, the solution can use APIs, CSV files, and/or LTI to connect with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) such as Canvas, Blackboard, Workday, Colleague, Banner, and PeopleSoft. This integration helps authenticate users and streamline the exam scheduling process.

Can I schedule exams in minutes and not hours?2023-06-08T16:29:27-05:00

Yes, with Exam Scheduling building exam schedules has never been easier and more efficient. With one click you can schedule 10+ exams.

What if our school needs to schedule not only final exams but midterms as well?2023-06-08T16:39:14-05:00

With Exam Scheduling you can create as many exam schedules as you’d like, making each of them at different time periods during the semester.

How does your software help with scheduling accommodated student exams?2023-06-08T16:30:29-05:00

Our software can assist accommodated students in many ways. If the student requires 50% additional time, the software does the math for you and shows how long their exam will take.

Can the Exam team collaborate on creating a schedule?2023-06-08T16:39:18-05:00

Yes, our Exam Scheduling tool is very cooperative. Users can work together on their own machines with real-time updates. No more back-and-forth emails.

My class is so large we usually split the class into 2 for exams and put them in separate rooms, can we do this in the software?2023-06-08T16:31:31-05:00

Yes, you can easily split an exam event into 2 and even place them into 2 separate rooms.

How can students view their exam schedules?2023-06-08T16:39:22-05:00

With Exam scheduling, students will sign into their LMS, click on a link we provide, and be taken to their own personalized Exam schedule. It will have their name, exam ID, and of course their schedule. No more emailing students’ exams. Students can view the schedule as much as they’d like.

Can we view student profiles?2023-06-08T16:33:15-05:00

Our tool creates Student profiles. When you interact with them you can view various information about the student. Things like Class schedule, Exam Schedule, Email, Degree, if they have accommodation(s).

(NOTE: Only some roles will be able to view what accommodation(s) the student has.)

Can I schedule an exam with a specific room?2023-06-08T16:39:27-05:00

Yes, you can assign certain exams to specific rooms. Our software will block that room out until it is ready for another exam to be scheduled in it.

Can your software run reports?2023-06-08T16:34:25-05:00

Yes, our software can run a various number of reports depending on whatever you may need.

Can the software schedule deferrals?2023-06-08T16:39:30-05:00

Yes, you can easily select individual students and schedule them for a different date.

What about exam conflicts based on our universities’ policies?2023-06-08T16:35:26-05:00

You can import your exam policies into our tool. The algorithm will read and alert if any conflicts have risen.

Can I block out times for no exams?2023-06-08T16:39:34-05:00

Yes, you can easily block out times if you do not wish for any exams to be taken on certain dates and times.

What types of exams can I schedule on the tool?2023-06-08T16:36:32-05:00

Our tool allows you to schedule In Class, Take-Home, and Paper exams.

Can the tool block time out for accommodated exams only?2023-06-08T16:39:39-05:00

Yes, you can block off time so only accommodated exams can run at certain times.

Does your software provide Exam ID numbers?2023-06-08T16:37:44-05:00

Yes, we can provide exam IDs, or integrate ones you already use into our system.

Is this a yearly subscription or can I subscribe for multiple years?2023-06-08T16:39:42-05:00

We offer a one-year subscription and a three-year subscription. The three-year subscription includes a multi-year commitment discount.

While creating the exam schedules will students be able to view them?2023-06-08T16:39:46-05:00

You decide when you are ready for students to be allowed to view their exam schedules. With the click of a button, you can enable or disable this setting.



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