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The Take Home Exams solution is our robust remote exam administration and management application. One of the more convenient aspects of Take Home Exams is that there is absolutely no software that needs to be installed on student computers as the solution is cloud-based. The key word to remember with Take Home Exams is “simple.”

Between the setup, exam delivery, answer collection, and tracking, simplicity is the most recognizable feature. Administrators can enable exam availability remotely, using our flexible scheduling tool to set exam windows and time limits. And for the times when anonymity is required, Anonymous Grading Numbers are automatically applied to exam answer submissions. Schools can also opt for Turnitin integration.


  • Exam questions are easily uploaded remotely in Word or PDF format.
  • Apply accommodation, deferral, and school rules.
  • Customized messaging, honor code acknowledgements, etc.
  • All exam submissions are time-stamped.
  • A PDF copy of all Word document submissions is created and all personal identifying metadata is removed from the document.
  • Simplified distribution of answer files to faculty for grading.
  • Administrators can check a student’s exam progress remotely, post files on behalf of students, reset exams, and more.


What is AppointLink’s Take Home Exams solution, and how is it different from similar products on the market?2024-01-16T11:21:08-06:00

AppointLink’s Take Home Exam solution allows the law school to efficiently manage law school exams that do not require lock down of the student’s PC. The solution schedules the exam and delivers the exam materials when the test starts. It then gathers all submissions compliant with testing policies, performs similarity checking and aggregates the results for easy grading and distribution to faculty.

What are the most notable features of Take-Home Exams?2024-01-16T11:21:29-06:00
  • Allows for 100% anonymous submissions.
  • Students see only the courses they are enrolled in and exams that they are scheduled to take when they login, preventing the need to search for courses and or exams to submit to.
  • Students are required to accept a school specific honor code before starting an exam.
  • Custom date and length overrides are available for accommodated students.
  • Bulk download of exam submissions as PDFs.
  • Each student submission is watermarked with the student’s exam ID, course title, and term.
  • Turnitin plagiarism detection integration to makes it easier for exam administrators to identify possible cheating or honor code violations.
What are the main benefits of using Take Home Exams?2024-01-16T11:21:54-06:00
  • Security for exam materials and submissions.
  • Protection of student anonymity.
  • Low support needs since no software is installed on student PC.
  • Time savings for the registrar’s office staff and faculty.
  • Increased integrity of the testing process.
Is there any software that needs to be installed on student computers to use Take Home Exams?2024-01-16T11:22:16-06:00


Can administrators enable exam availability?2024-01-16T11:22:51-06:00
  • Exams are configured in advance by the Registrar via the Exam Administration dashboard.
  • A visibility flag determines if the exam is shown to the students.
  • When the window for the exam opens, students are allowed to ‘start’ their exam.
  • Exam materials are made available to the student, only after they have ‘started’ their exam.
Can exam questions be uploaded in any format?2024-01-16T11:24:05-06:00

Questions are typically uploaded as PDFs, but exam materials can also contain Word Documents (.DOC/.DOCX) or Excel Spreadsheets (.XLS/.XLSX).

We have take-home exams that can be started at any point over a 2-week period but must be completed within a 4-hour window of starting. Is this possible?2024-01-16T11:25:32-06:00
  • Yes! Exams can be configured to allow the students to start their exam at any point during the exam window but have a smaller window to complete the exam. Example: The exam has a 2-week exam window, and the student is allowed to start their exam at any point during the 2-week window but is limited to 4 hours or the remainder of exam window, whichever is less, once they choose to start the exam.
  • Other exams may be configured to allow the student the entire exam window to complete once they have started. Example: The exam has a 2-week exam window, and the student is allowed to use as much time as the needed during the 2-week window to start, submit and finalize their exam.
How can schools apply accommodation, deferral, and school rules using Take Home Exams?2024-01-16T11:26:28-06:00

Administrators can apply individual student specific testing times and lengths.

Can administrators check a student’s exam progress?2024-01-16T11:27:36-06:00

Yes. Administrators can monitor all students from a single dashboard. It shows when the student started the exam, downloaded materials, uploaded their submissions and finalized the exam.

How does the tool simplify the distribution of submission files to faculty for grading?2024-01-16T11:28:40-06:00
  • The process automatically removes meta data from the submission and creates a standardized PDF for each submission.
  • The system then creates a combined PDF portfolio of all exam submission for a course that can be forwarded to faculty for easy grading.
How secure is the Take Home Exams solution?2024-01-16T11:30:33-06:00
  • The solution uses the latest security technologies and complies with all industry standards.
  • Only authorized users can access secure content.
  • Students are required to login with intuition specific credentials to access testing materials and upload features.
Can students access the exam before the designated exam window?2024-01-16T11:32:26-06:00

No. Students may see an upcoming exam but are prevented from starting that exam prior to the exam start time.

How does the solution handle cases where students have technical difficulties during the exam?2024-01-16T11:35:36-06:00

Students typically submit their exam to the Registrar or exam administrator who would then upload the file on behalf of the student and mark them as on-time or late on a case-by-case basis.

Can students save their progress and come back to the exam later?2024-01-16T11:36:21-06:00

Yes. Students can update the exam at any point in the testing window and return later to update their submission.

What is the maximum file size for exam submissions?2024-01-16T11:37:18-06:00

25MB is the maximum file size. Acceptable file types include .DOC, .DOCX, .PDF, .TXT,.XLS, .XLSX

Does the solution offer any plagiarism detection features?2024-01-16T11:38:13-06:00

Yes. The solution integrates with TurnItIn to automatically perform similarity checking on all student submissions. (Separate TurnItIn subscription is required.)

Can the solution integrate with the school’s Learning Management System (LMS)?2024-01-16T11:39:04-06:00
  • The application integrates seamlessly with our Mylaw Application.
  • If using SSO authentication, a link to the take-home exam application can be added to the course site in any other LMS application for easy access.
Is technical support available for both administrators and students during the exam process?2024-01-16T11:39:58-06:00

Yes. Unlimited support for administrators and Tier 2 support for student issues.


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