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The AppointLink Grading application takes all of the headaches out of the grading process for professors and administration alike. Through our unique Grading application, users can count on a centralized, simple grading process that specifically accounts for grading curve compliance, submission and approval among other elements. The application automatically calculates weighted formative and summative assessments.

The Grading application provides faculty and registrar notifications, anonymous grading numbers-to-name reconciliation, class participation points, exceptions, extensions, and one-click grading curve compliance.


  • Automatic calculation of weighted formative and summative assessments
  • One-click Grading Curve Conformance Checking
  • Custom Data Collection (e.g., Meets Writing Requirement, Highest Final Grade)
  • Simplified extension, exemption, exception requests, approvals, and denials
  • Upload Files created for SIS (e.g., Banner, Ellucian)
  • Built-in Reports

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We have many grading policies; some are very complex; can the Grading tool incorporate numerous and varied policies?2023-06-08T16:17:10-05:00

Yes, the Grading tool can accommodate various grading policies. The system allows you to customize and configure grading policies according to your institution’s requirements. This feature helps to ensure that grading is consistent and in line with institutional policies.

How does the Grading tool monitor faculty progress during the grading process to ensure better on-time grade submission?2023-06-08T16:17:03-05:00

The Grading tool allows administrators to monitor faculty grading progress by displaying the real-time grading status for each course.

Can I upload/download grades from spreadsheets?2023-06-08T16:16:55-05:00

Yes, AppointLink’s Grading software allows you to upload and download grades from spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. This feature can save you time and effort when managing large sets of grades.

Is the tool capable of facilitating anonymous grading?2023-06-08T16:16:45-05:00

Yes, our Grading tool allows for anonymous, non-anonymous, and blended grading.

Does the tool allow for grading curve conformance?2023-06-08T16:16:37-05:00

Yes, it has real-time grading curve conformance checking.

Are there ways to account for extensions/exceptions /exemptions?2023-06-08T16:16:30-05:00

Yes, requests, approvals and denials can be facilitated for all three.

How does the Grading tool allow for approval of grades if faculty cannot meet conformity policies?2023-06-08T16:16:23-05:00

Many institutions will allow faculty to request a Conformity Exemption. Administrators can then choose to approve or reject grade sets that do not meet conformity on a case-by-case basis.

Can the Grading tool generate Exam IDs?2023-06-08T16:16:12-05:00

Yes, the Exam ID’s can either be generated within the application or supplied by the institution if they already exist.

Is the Grading tool compatible with LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Workday, Colleague, etc.)/SIS systems (Banner, PeopleSoft, etc.)?2023-06-08T16:20:05-05:00

Yes, AppointLink’s Grading solution can use a combination of APIs, CSV files, and/or LTI to connect with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) such as Canvas, Blackboard, Workday, Colleague, Banner, and PeopleSoft. This integration helps authenticate users and streamline the grading process.

Can the tool be used to grade all types of assessments (mid-term exams, final exams, quizzes, papers, etc.)?2023-06-08T16:20:34-05:00

Yes, the AppointLink Grading software can be used for grading various forms of assessments such as mid-term exams, final exams, quizzes, papers, and more. The tool is flexible and customizable, allowing you to configure it to suit your institution’s grading requirements.

How long does the implementation of the Grading tool take?2023-06-08T16:20:42-05:00

The implementation takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks. However, it could take longer depending on the complexity of the grading policies.

Does Grading collect assessment information?2023-06-08T16:20:48-05:00

Yes, Grading can be set up to allow faculty to enter all assessments for a course and assign them weights and point values before entering grades for a course.

Does the application have a reporting tool?2023-06-08T16:20:54-05:00

The Grading tool is delivered with standard reports that track grading. Additional customized reports can be created upon request.

How does faculty know during the grading process whether they are in conformity or not?2023-06-08T16:22:53-05:00

The Grading tool features a real-time conformity validation tool that provides instructors guidance during the grading process.

Is there a communication piece to inform faculty of their progress or warn of upcoming due dates?2023-06-08T16:08:45-05:00

Yes, a series of automated email notifications will remind faculty of upcoming grading due dates. Additional email notifications are sent when grades submitted have been approved or rejected as well.

Does Grading allow for the collection/designation of award recipients?2023-06-08T16:18:35-05:00

Yes, the Grading tool allows faculty to designate award recipients such as CALI when finalizing grades for a course.



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