Georgetown Streamlines Communication
with AppointLink Power Tools


Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic institution of higher learning in the United States. A Jesuit university, Georgetown is dedicated to social justice, discovery, and cura personalis – care of the whole person.

Georgetown is the home to renowned centers of excellence that contribute to the Catholic intellectual tradition through research and dialogue. Clear processes and communication about grading and scheduling exams is an important part of achieving academic course stability and confidence. Small mistakes can lead to big headaches for all parties involved.

Whether an exam schedule is unclear to students, or even worse, incorrect, a student’s experience can be tarnished during a very stressful time of the semester. Similarly, there are often many requirements and compliance issues that universities must meet regarding grading. Achieving efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience are important qualities of a grading and scheduling process.


Georgetown’s student information system (SIS) cannot be customized to fulfill the needs of exam scheduling and grading. Although it provides a solution to collect grades, it is not sophisticated enough to account for conformity rules. This would make processing grades time consuming as administrators would have to manually apply the conformity rules.

Georgetown would seek a better exam scheduling solution to eliminate all instances of user error and reduce the time it took to manually schedule the exams. Another need was to maintain accessibility in formats viewable on mobile devices.

The solution needed to be a secure tool that could be integrated with Georgetown’s SIS.


AppointLink introduced grading and exam scheduling power tools designed specifically to address the grading and exam scheduling challenges. With grading compliance and curve calculations built into the application, user error was eliminated, and students could easily access their exam schedules quickly, directly from their mobile devices.

The Exam Scheduling Tool removed much of the ‘back-and-forth’ communication between students and administrators during finals, allowing students to focus all their energy on taking the exams and less on navigating the waters of logistics. Both Tools could be integrated seamlessly with Georgetown’s SIS and are completely secure.