Maximizing Student Engagement: How AppointLink’s Classroom Management Tool Enhances Learning for Higher Ed Law & Business


By Tony Forsythe
CEO, AppointLink

Establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment is crucial for effective teaching in law and business school environments.

Classroom management plays a vital role in achieving this goal by promoting student engagement and improving relationships with their professors.

Having a structured and orderly environment is conducive to learning because it creates opportunities to have meaningful academic progression and fosters the social and emotional growth of students. When classroom management is effective, negative behaviors are minimized, and students are more likely to focus on the lesson, which increases the amount of time devoted to learning. Overall, a well-managed classroom sets the stage for positive outcomes in both academic and personal growth for students.

Studies have shown that involving students in the learning process has a positive impact on their focus, attention, and motivation to engage in higher-level critical thinking. By adopting a student-centered approach, instructors can create more opportunities for student engagement, leading to a more successful achievement of the course’s learning objectives. In essence, promoting active participation among students can enhance their learning experience.

With the help of new technology, instructors can enhance their classroom management strategies and foster a more productive learning experience like never before. And in today’s educational landscape, both online and in-person classroom settings benefit from utilizing innovative tools and techniques to overcome longstanding classroom management challenges.

Classroom management is especially critical as students become more independent and self-directed in their learning. Instructors must provide students with a structured and supportive environment that encourages independent learning while also promoting collaboration and discussion.

At AppointLink, our modern Classroom Management tool and solutions provide everything you need to more effectively improve student engagement and manage relationships. Here are some of the benefits that make our Classroom Management tool stand out:

Accurate Attendance Tracking:

One of the essential features of our Classroom Management tool is the ability for students to self-report their attendance using a unique numerical code. The system is set up so that only students who are present can self-report.

This ensures attendance is easily verified, and professors can save time and effort by downloading student-reported course attendance for each student at the end of the semester. This helps alleviate concerns about the validity of self-reported attendance and gives professors peace of mind.

Assistive Pronunciations:

One of the key aspects of building a positive and productive learning environment is creating a personal connection between students and their professors. A significant piece of that puzzle is verbalizing the correct pronunciation of students’ names.

With AppointLink’s Classroom Management tool, instructors can listen to the audio of students’ names pronounced correctly before class even starts. This feature creates a sense of community and shows care for students as individuals, building a more inclusive and welcoming classroom.

Tracking Preferred Names and Pronouns:

Creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment is essential for ensuring that all students can participate, engage with the course material, and succeed academically. Another way instructors can support this goal is by using AppointLink’s Classroom Management tool to easily track students’ preferred names and pronouns.

By keeping track of these important details, instructors can create a more respectful and supportive learning environment, where all students feel valued and included.

Customizable Features:

Classroom Management offers a range of customizable features, including dynamic and customizable seating charts, tent cards, flashcards, photo rosters, and more. With these features, instructors can keep track of students and ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Robust Classroom Discussions:

Instructors can create Cold Call Lists based on student backgrounds, which fosters more robust discussions and ensures that all students are heard. This feature enhances classroom discussions and promotes student engagement, leading to better academic outcomes.

AppointLink’s Classroom Management tool gives instructors the ability to improve student engagement, build stronger connections with their students, and foster more robust classroom discussions. With its customizable features and user-friendly interface, it’s a must-have for any instructor looking to take their classroom to the next level.

Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself! Schedule a demo today to learn more about our Classroom Management solutions and experience the difference it can make in classrooms at your institution.

About the Author

Tony Forsythe is the CEO of AppointLink, a custom solution provider that helps organizations communicate and collaborate more efficiently. AppointLink higher education applications are designed to eliminate the friction that slows education. Its solutions seamlessly blend into educational technology ecosystems to improve student, faculty, and administrative performance.